The Bike

Team SP FiFTY ONE’s KTM 450 RR.

For 2015 Tem SP FiFTYONE and Si Pavey have opted to run the purpose built KTM 450 RR, a bike developed only with the Dakar in mind. Since it’s inception in 2011 the 450 RR has won every single Dakar and almost every major rally race on the planet in the hands of it’s factory riders.

With a purpose built 450cc engine, capable of over 65hp at the rear wheel, an integrated sub-frame tank and a unique trellis frame design the KTM does as KTM do; it comes out of the crate Ready to Race. As a race weapon it needs very little tweaking to produce as safe, fast, competitive machine capable of completing the Dakar with minimal troubles.

The Team SP FiFTY ONE racing KTM’s are very close to the stock machines, with small tweaks made to the engine and suspension to improve performance. The team Suspension tuner, Chris Hockey of Dr Shox assisted with the setup of the SXS Factory suspension. The engine has received some slight internal modifications to improve the bottom end power and increase the readability of the engine.

The bike utilises an Ohlins steering damper and is fitted with Michelin Desert Race tyres and Desert Mousses. The front fairing is replaced with a stronger after-market part from Perfect Fairings to improve longevity and crash resistance and the team use bar weighted Barkbusters handgaurds to protect the levers and reduce vibration at high speed.

The design and graphics were provided UK action sports brand Amped MX Graphics.

Spec Sheet.

Make: KTM

Model: 2013 450 RR

Weight Wet (Approx): 170kg

Fuel Capacity: 36 Litres

Power (Approx): 65hp

Suspension: WP SXS – Dr Shox Tuned

Tyres: Michelin Desert Race, Bib Mousse Insert

Handgaurds: Barkbuster VPS

Oil lubrication: Castrol Oils

Oil Capacity: 1.5 Litres

Front Brake: 300mm Brembo

Rear Brake: 260mm Brembo

Bashplate: Carbon Fibre – Contains 3l Emergency Water.

Graphic Design: Amped MX Graphics