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The Making Dakar documentary series has proved to be very popular and now there is a chance for it to chase the dakar across South America with your help. Originally the series was surrounding the preparation, but maker of the series, Llewelyn has been offered the opportunity to join a tour to follow, film and photograph as much as possible, but he needs your help to get him there. If you loved what you have seen so far, then we ask for you to donate a couple of pounds to make it possible for Llewelyn to bring you the other side of Dakar, the side the TV cameras and the newspapers gloss over, the privateer side.

Thank you for your support.


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Donor list

  • Stephanie Fischer
    Stephanie Fischer said It's not much, but I hope it helps a little bit. Good Luck!!
  • Helen Coles
    Helen Coles said Go Team Pavey!!
  • Peter Buzzini
    Peter Buzzini said To donate is to be apart of the whole effort of the race!
  • stephanie & ben
    stephanie & ben said hey Si! have an awesome dakar!
  • David Noyce
    David Noyce said Just remember: It's all about the dishes. Good luck and we are all behind you.
  • Kev pennells
    Kev pennells said All the best mate!!!! Cheers, Kev.
  • Wanda Hudson
    Wanda Hudson said The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. -James Allen
  • bob mccullough
    bob mccullough said Great bike. I want one. Good Luck
  • Dan Moore
    Dan Moore said I like many would love to see more of the Dakar Rally, i'm an avid and very amateur dirtbike / youtube film maker myself. I watch movies such as Dust to Glory and think why the hell has no one made something like this following the Dakar before. Please accept this donation on behalf of my company Paul Earl Ltd we are Electrical Contractor based near Brighton . We all wish you the best of luck in both the Rally and in the production of Making Dakar. Well done.
  • Chris "ravager of worlds" Northover
    Chris "ravager of worlds" Northover said Bring me back some sand or I want my money back.
  • Kyle Gage
    Kyle Gage said Best of lick with the project. I enjoy your work. Hope to see you riding AND filming next year ;-)
  • Jimmy doran
  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith said Hope it helps. Would love to see Simon do well!
  • Carol Slattery
    Carol Slattery said Go Llel .. sending luv and hugs .. from the Slattery-Smyths. xo
  • Stephen Crawford
  • Maurits Rademakers
    Maurits Rademakers said hope the story continues Llew!
  • Clive & Helen Holloway
    Clive & Helen Holloway said we'll be cheering you on Si. And looking out for you on Eurosport. see you in 2013 sometime. All the best Helen and Clive
  • Guy Bsile
    Guy Bsile said Will be travelling from Australia to follow the Dakar. I will be harassing you for a photo, so this is pament for that. Good luck.
  • Chris Wilding
  • Rodrigo Suarez
    Rodrigo Suarez said Good luck, make every mile count, enjoy life!!!!
  • Tanya & Clive
    Tanya & Clive said Have another great ride Si and best of luck with the film making Lell & Linley
  • Robert Wyllie
    Robert Wyllie said Good luck boys, - as they say in racing, "to finish, first you got to look after your selves!" - Trigger
  • Brenda Ramsdale
    Brenda Ramsdale said Good luck to Simon and my fellow Canadian Don Hatton !! Enjoy !!
  • Roelof Veldhuis
    Roelof Veldhuis said Have a gud one, Si. I will follow your progress!
  • Ron Lewis
    Ron Lewis said Good luck Simon and team.
  • Zbynek Exler
    Zbynek Exler said Enjoy your ride and be safe
  • Paul Jenkins
    Paul Jenkins said Good luck to you, hope it goes well.
  • Eleni Stron
    Eleni Stron said Hope this helps! Good luck!
  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith said Good Luck Simon!
  • Kent Plemons
    Kent Plemons said Good luck to the team!
  • Al Tokarchik
    Al Tokarchik said Good luck Simon! Ride like the wind!
  • Paul Goulden
  • Paul Gerstenberger
    Paul Gerstenberger said I love keeping up on the adventure and I wish you all the best, thank you for sharing it with us.
  • Greg Strong
    Greg Strong said Good luck
  • Graham Abrey
    Graham Abrey said Good luck Simon. Keep pushing and have fun.
  • Einar Sverrisson
    Einar Sverrisson said Do your best - see you in Iceland
  • Ivan
    Ivan said Rock on!
  • David R
    David R said Simon, many thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement during the 2-day course in S Wales! All the best for the Dakar!!
  • Peter Forsythe
  • Steve Buttholtz
  • Mark Pritchard
    Mark Pritchard said Thanks again for the late emergency cuppa! Hadn't heard about this yesterday, but will be following closely now!
  • jason gribble
    jason gribble said Great rider an attitude
  • Andy Doherty
    Andy Doherty said Good luck team Pavey. Looking forward to seeing you in action in 2015.
  • David Svensson
    David Svensson said Good luck guys, going to follow you all the way.